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The Stretch Glass Society annual convention is the highlight of the year.  It's one of the few opportunities for members from across the country to come together.  The 2016 Convention, Show & Sale will be held July 27-29 in Marietta, OH.  More details will be posted here as the schedule and events are firmed up.  If you are interested in information on the 2016 Convention when it becomes available, please send an email to and we will make sure you get information. 

First order of business is a hospitality reception - plenty of free food and drink - a chance to welcome first-time attendees and allow returnees to become re-acquainted.

A large room is set up with tables for members to offer stretch glass for sale. Other tables are set aside for members to display stretch glass from their collections, usually presented within a common theme for member displays.

There is also a large convention display that follows a different theme each year.  The display may focus on a particular company, color or type of piece.  All of the displays are beautiful, informative and often contain rare pieces that are seldom seen. Additional events scheduled during the 3-day convention are for both learning and fun.    They include educational seminars, identification clinics, an auction featuring stretch and other collectible glassware and a banquet complete with an entertaining and informational program.  

In the past, The Fenton Art Glass Company ran a limited production of new stretch glass pieces in certain years for the Society.  These souvenir pieces were sold ONLY to the Society.  During the manufacture of these pieces, Fenton allowed the workers to create a few special shapes in unique and sometimes one-of-a-kind designs. These glass worker creations are called "whimseys" and from time to time they, along with certain past souvenirs are offered for sale at the SGS convention. 

The Society also takes the opportunity to "take care of business" with an annual Board of Directors meeting and annual business meeting.

And there's always free time set aside to do your own thing -- shopping, antiquing or sightseeing!