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Don’t miss our next Stretch Out call!

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On February 2, 2017 we’ll be exploring one of the lesser-known companies that made Stretch Glass:  Vineland Flint Glass Company of Vineland, NJ.  We will learn some of the unique aspects that help us identify Vineland stretch glass from the stretch glass made by other companies.  We will also be hearing about recent finds of stretch glass and responding to requests for stretch glass ID during the call.

The call is at 8pm Eastern, 7 Central, 6 Mountain and 5pm Pacific Time on Februrary 2, 2017.  The call-in number is 415-464-6800, followed by ID: 04211974#.

Approximately one week prior to the call, an email reminder and photos of the Vineland stretch glass to be discussed will be sent to members who have given us their email address.  If we don’t have your email address and you would like to receive the reminder and photos, please send your email to and ask to receive photos for the February 2, 2017 Stretch Out call.  If you have questions about your stretch glass and would like information from our experts, please send a photo to info@stretchglasssociety.orgwith your question and we will do our best to respond.

We are looking forward to having you join us on our next Stretch Out Call on February 2!



SGS Display at The Eastern National Antique Show.  Click on a thumbnail to view full-size image.


The SGS was on-hand at the recent Eastern National Antique Show held in Carlisle, PA on November 18th and 19th.  Bob Henkel, Vice President of the SGS assisted Cal Hackeman, President with set-up of the SGS display.  Bob was also on-hand to greet and chat with those who visited the SGS booth.

Along with the beautiful stretch glass being displayed at our booth, SGS Quarterlies and brochures were distributed as well.  The SGS welcomed 2 new members joining on the spot!  Attendees were able to register to win a very nice topaz opalescent stretch glass bowl.  About 10 dealers, including SGS Members Ed Sawicki and Helen & Bob Jones had stretch glass for sale in their booths.

Many folks attending the show commented on how beautiful stretch glass is.  Several others asked questions about stretch, including some of the dealers in the show who specialize in other types of glass.  Those dealers were very interested in learning more about stretch!

We hope you enjoy these pictures of the beautiful stretch glass that was for sale at the show.  Please note, these pictures are only a sampling of the stretch that was for sale.


Ten dealers, including SGS members Ed Sawicki and Helen & Bob Jones, had stretch glass for sale in their booths. Click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image.





Sales from Stretch Glass Society Convention / Auction Reported by Kovels in their October 2016 Newsletter

Kovels, one of the leading authorities on trends and values in many categories of collectibles and antiques, reported on prices realized for several items at the July 2016 SGS Convention.  Our yearly auction, held in Marietta, OH, was hosted by Tom Burns Auction Service.  This is the first time Kovels has reported information on stretch glass auction sales to their readers.  In addition to reporting on and picturing several of the items sold at our Convention auction, they also included information about our celebration of the 100th anniversary of stretch glass.  Kovels publishes their newsletter monthly; it is available via email and in print to subscribers.  Their Facebook page has over 11,000 followers.  The SGS would like to thank Kovels for reporting on our auction results and for helping us spread the word about stretch glass.  We also want to thank them for granting us permission to use their original published article from October 2016.  Click links to view: the newsletter front page and the article.


Happy 100th Anniversary Stretch Glass!!!

Long time collectors and enthusiasts of stretch glass, Kitty and Russell Umbraco, did a terrific display celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Stretch Glass. Their display was featured recently at The Northern/Central CA Carnival Glass Convention in Fresno, CA on Oct. 7, 2016.
WOW!!!  Let's all celebrate 100 years of stretch from 1916 - 2016.
Wonderful display Kitty and Russell!!


Stretch Glass Society - Stretch Out Calls

The Stretch Glass Society recently held a "Stretch Out" Call on Thursday, November 10th.  The topic of discussion was Optic Patterns.  Click here to view photos of examples.

We invite you to join us for future calls!  Calls begin at 8 pm Eastern, 7 Central, 6 Mountain and 5 pm Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 415-464-6800, followed by ID: 04211974#.

Future Calls:

  • February 2, 2017 - Stretch Out Call.  Exploring some of the lesser-known companies that made Stretch, starting with the Vineland Flint Glass Company of Vineland, NJ.
  • May 11, 2017 - Stretch Out Call.  Contemporary Fenton Stretch Glass.

Photos for these calls will be posted closer to the dates for the calls.  We hope you can join us!



Past SGS Co-Presidents, Dave & Renée Shetlar, and current SGS President, Cal Hackeman, presented a seminar at “The Gathering” on Saturday, October 22, 2016, in Cleveland, OH.  They talked about the early days of stretch glass production (1916-1930s) as well as the contemporary production period (1980s-2011) and discussed the various companies which produced stretch glass, the array of colors in which stretch glass is available, the wide assortment of items available in stretch glass and how to use stretch glass to decorate and entertain in 2016.  A display of approximately 60 examples of stretch glass will be available for attendees to admire.





Past SGS Co-Presidents Dave and Renée Shetlar will be the featured Banquet Speakers at the Great Lakes Carnival Glass Club Convention being held on October 27-29, 2016, at the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center, 7501 W. Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, Michigan 48917.  Registration information is available at  Club members will have both carnival and stretch glass for sale and on display. 


SGS publishes 3rd Quarter newsletter, complete with photos and reports on 2016 Convention, Show & Sale.  All members should have received their copy by email or by US Mail.  A complete copy is also in the members only section of this website.  Not a member but would like to read about our 2016 Convention, learn about stretch glass console sets and see all the stretch glass offered for sale and on display in Marietta?  Join now for $16 and take advantage of our 100th Anniversary of Stretch Glass special – you will receive the SGS Quarterly in full color in your inbox through December, 2017.  That’s 6 issues of the SGS Quarterly filled with photos and information on stretch glass by the leading collectors, researchers, speakers and publishers of stretch glass. 


Stretch Glass Society President Cal Hackeman was a featured speaker at the 2016 National Fenton Glass Society (NFGS) Convention, representing SGS. The three-day NFGS Convention began immediately after the SGS Convention ended (see below), also in Marietta, Ohio.

Click the photo below to view a gallery of photos from Cal's talk.


SGS Convention, July 27-29, 2016
Marietta, Ohio

Convention Highlights

A great time was had by attendees of the 2016 Stretch Glass Society Annual Convention, Show & Sale, which took place July 27-29 at the Quality Inn in Marietta, Ohio. The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the vintage stretch glass era was the central theme. Around 70 members attended at least part of the three-day event. As at past conventions, members created vivid glass displays in the convention room, including eleven member displays depicting how to entertain with stretch glass. The “Club Display” featured over 50 console sets consisting of candleholders and matching console bowls with appropriate glass bases.

New friends were made and existing friendships celebrated at Wednesday’s Welcome Reception. Thursday morning found us stampeding to buy stretch glass and hearing from members about the displays of stretch glass from their collections. Thursday night’s banquet featured guest speaker Dave Fetty, who shared insights about the development and making of stretch glass from his days at The Fenton Art Glass Company. On Friday morning, George and Nancy Fenton discussed contemporary stretch glass, the last chapter in “Stretching Over 100 Years:  A Century of Handmade Stretch Glass in America.” Later in the day there was an in-depth presentation of the Console sets exhibit and an exciting auction of stretch and Fenton glass presented by Tom Burns Auctions.

Check out convention photos and videos below. To view the photo galleries, click on the thumbnail below or select the SGS 2016 Convention tab, above right.


 2016 Convention - Photo Galleries


Below left, Dave Shetlar is talking about stretch at the 2016 Convention; below right, Dave discusses Stretch Glass Console Sets.  Thanks to Jeff Hodges for sharing these videos!




Stretch Glass Display makes appearance at National Cambridge Collectors’ 2016 Glass Show & Sale



The traveling exhibit of 100 examples of stretch glass was on display at the National Cambridge Collectors’ 2016 Glass Show & Sale in Cambridge, OH.  Many thanks to SGS members Bob & Helen Jones for once again transporting and setting up the display.  This glass show features a number of quality dealers, some of whom only exhibit at this show. While there is an emphasis on Cambridge glass (obviously), the products of many of the other American glass manufacturers are also to be found.  The 2016 Glass Show & Sale featured glass by Cambridge, Heisey, Imperial, Morgantown, Fenton, Duncan Miller, Tiffin, Westmoreland and much, much more.

The show was held at the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center, Cambridge, Ohio. Exit 176 off interstate 70 on Friday, June 24 - 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. , Saturday June 25 - 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

 Thank you to the National Cambridge Collectors for participating in “Stretching Over 100 Years:  A Century of Handmade Stretch Glass in America.” 



 More Details...





June 9, 2016, Stretch Out Discussion Call - Console Sets

Our June 9th stretch out discussion call was full of great info about console sets, the black bases under the bowls and lots more.  One participant commented on their recent purchases of Northwood Russet and Diamond Egyptian Lustre stretch glass - great finds for their collection.  Several owners of several of the console sets discussed were on the call to chime in and talk about their console sets.  It is always great to hear from those who actually have the stretch glass we are discussing.  This call concludes our current series of Stretch Out discussions.  We will resume discussion calls in the fall.  We thank Russel and Kitty Umbraco, Dave and Renee Shetlar and Bob Henkel for leading our discussions and helping all of us learn about stretch glass.  Enjoy your summer and good luck finding some great stretch glass.  


Photos of Console Sets Discussed 



April 14, 2016 - Opaque Stretch Glass Discussion


Our Stretch-Out Discussion on Thursday, April 14th had lots of participants and was very informative as we learned about the various colors of opaque stretch glass. Photos of the opaque glass discussed are here.  

For more information about all the stretch glass which was discussed, please click here.




Stretch Glass Quarterly

March 2016

Read The Issue Here



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Stretching over 100 Years:  a century of handmade stretch glass in America,” celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1916 introduction of iridescent stretch glass in America got an early start at the National Imperial Glass Museum in Bellaire, Ohio.  Read more...



Stretch Glass on display at Reno, NV Bottle Show

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View previous stretch discussions here.

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